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What is Project Governance..?

Project Governance is the discipline of managing the relationship between Corporate Governance, Business As Usual (BAU), and Project Management, which together make up the whole profile of the Organization.
Project Governance ensures that there is a synergy between; Ethical Organizational Strategy (Corporate Governance), the day-to-day business activities (BAU) that support the “Here and Now” of the business, and the project activities that take the strategic objectives of the business and re-forms them into the future business profile.
Project Governance is about ensuring that projects remain in-line with what the organization wants and needs, and that projects do not become cancerous. At the same time Project Governance ensures that the project environment is not suffocated by over-governance, and domination from a BAU environment that may have conflicted interests towards the projects.

How does ACPA support Project Governance..?

In order for an organization to ensure that it has sound Project Governance in place it needs to have highly-skilled people available who understand; Governance, Corporate Management, and Project Management.
ACPA provides the environment to enable people to become skilled in the subjects that are required to perform effectively as Project Governors. We provide a structured set of Assessments that enable you to progress your learning through the spectrum of topics that are required to become a competent Certified Project Accountant and Senior Member of your organization.

Below is a diagram which describes how the four major Project Governance qualifications are linked and illustrates the natural progression from Level 4 through to Level 7.
Each Level also corresponds with a Membership Level within ACPA: GAT, AAT, ACPA, and FCPA.